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Our Goals



Our goals for the future is to continue to magnify the reach and impact of RV Collective Response, becoming a trailblazer in the realm of addiction management and recovery support. We aim to foster a community that embraces change, nurtures growth, and advocates for recovery through evidence-based practices, local insights, and an empathetic understanding of addiction. By strategically expanding our partnerships and enhancing our services, we aspire to create an increasingly supportive environment that empowers affected individuals and families to walk the path of recovery with confidence and resilience.


Educate to Reduce Stigma

We are dedicated to raising awareness about addiction and mental health, and actively working to reduce the stigma associated with these conditions through education and providing timely resources.

Best Practices

Collaborate with the research sector, academia, service providers, law enforcement, and others in the community to ensure best practices are identified and utilized.

Peer Recovery Network

Initiate a Peer Recovery Network to provide support and resources to Certified Peer Recovery Specialists.

Recovery Housing Solutions

Collaborate with the Roanoke-Valley Alleghany Regional Commission to create innovative recovery housing solutions in the Roanoke Valley.