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Documents & Reports

Our Documents and Reports resource serves as a treasure trove of insights and data that are fundamental to our mission. Here, you’ll discover a range of important documents and reports that highlight our initiatives’ effectiveness and guide us in our ongoing battle against addiction and its many challenges. Each piece of information you find here represents more than just numbers and facts; it’s a symbol of our deep commitment to creating meaningful change for those struggling with addiction in the Roanoke Valley. We encourage you to dive into these resources and join us in our journey towards fostering a more hopeful and resilient community.

Data Hub: RVCR Partner Data Reports

Comprehensive Harm Reduction (Drop-In Center North): Project Report 7/15/21
Connection to Care Project (C2C): Project Overview and Outcomes 2021 3/10/21
HOPE Initiative: Data Report 3/10/21
Rescue Mission: 4/6/22 Update
Virginia Department of Health: Q4 Emergency Department Overdoses
Virginia Department of Health: Roanoke Valley Drug Presentation 4/14/21
Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS): Roanoke City, Botetourt, Craig, and Salem - Blue Ridge Behavioral Health 3/10/21