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About Us

What We Do

Roanoke Valley Collective Response (RVCR) is an organization dedicated to addressing the addiction crisis in the Roanoke Valley. Our work encompasses several key activities:

  1. Collaborative Efforts: RVCR brings together diverse sectors such as law enforcement, healthcare, education, local government, and families impacted by addiction. This multi-sector collaboration fosters a comprehensive approach to tackling the crisis.
  2. Addressing Root Causes: Our focus is on understanding and addressing the underlying causes of addiction rather than just treating its symptoms.
  3. Implementing Evidence-Based Practices: RVCR employs strategies and treatments that are scientifically proven to be effective, ensuring that their interventions are grounded in research and best practices.
  4. Local Tailoring: We adapt these evidence-based practices to fit the specific needs and context of the Roanoke Valley, ensuring that their solutions are relevant and effective for the local community.
  5. Comprehensive Strategies: Our approach includes prevention initiatives to stop addiction before it starts, treatment programs that use the latest medical and therapeutic interventions, recovery support to help maintain long-term sobriety, and family support services for those affected by a loved one’s addiction.
  6. Community Education and Support: RVCR also focuses on educating the community about addiction, reducing stigma, and providing support and resources to those in need.

Who We Are

As the Roanoke Valley Collective Response (RVCR) to the Opioid and Addiction Crisis, our mission, revised on January 5, 2022, is “United to build, sustain, and support communities by responding to addiction and promoting recovery and wellness.” Since our launch in September 2018, we’ve been committed to a multi-sector approach, working collaboratively across different systems to uncover new and effective strategies for combating the opioid and broader addiction crisis in the Roanoke Valley.

Our team is diverse and inclusive, bringing together law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, healthcare professionals, local and state government representatives, educators, community support organizations, the faith community, business leaders, and, importantly, individuals and families personally affected by addiction. This wide array of members ensures we integrate a variety of perspectives and expertise into our solutions.

We’re focused not just on tackling the immediate challenges of addiction but also on preventative measures, educating to reduce stigma, and nurturing a recovery-supportive environment. Our efforts center on creating resilient communities through ongoing support, focusing on long-term recovery and wellness. Our initiatives aim to manage the crisis effectively while promoting lasting, positive change for individuals and the community. By coordinating these diverse groups, we underscore our commitment to a unified, collective response against addiction.


With the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission as our parent organization, the Roanoke Valley Collective Response is led by an advisory committee that meets monthly to assess the progress of our stakeholder meetings and set priorities.